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Building and consolidating a kingdom can be hard work for a king. You can find out for yourself in the PC version of Royal Revolt 2 a strategy game in which your mission is to conquer and outlive your enemy building a wealthy and powerful kingdom. The second part of the renowned medieval strategy game. Playing Royal Revolt: a real challenge In this came you'll face up against other challenges that you've already come across in other military strategy games: you'll have to design the tactics to by victorious on the battlefield but without neglecting aspects as important as building castles to serve your troops and creating alliances that help you to defeat the strongest armies. Support for tactile screens. Train and develop your soldiers. Improve your spells and buildings. Build and customize defenses. Looking for cheats for Royal Revolt? This is a really popular game therefore unlike other titles of the same style you won't have any trouble at all to get hold of a guide that explains the different cheats you can use and clues to be followed in this world that combines fantasy and the medieval ages.

Royal Revolt 2 For Windows Download

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