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Billiards is one of the most entertaining and exciting salon games. The problem is that it requires too much space and not everyone can manage to play it at home... but a great alternative is to download a simulator for PC. All the fun of playing pool in a simulator. In this case you can make use of Sky Cue Club a game in which despite not touching a cue you'll be able to practice shots with maximum realism. You can do so choosing several types of games and rules all the latter accompanied by visual and sound effects. Main features Play against real-life users or the computer. Adjust the difficulty levels. Choose between different types of games: 8-ball 9-ball snooker free shots and speed pot. Access tables with preset games to practice trick shots. Overcome different challenges. Precise ball simulation system. Customize your table with special decorations cloths lighting and decals. Play in different locations of the real world. Movie sequences and realistic sound effects. Adaptive camera view. Have fun with Sky Cue Club 8 & 9 Ball Pool + Billiards + Snooker one of the best and most realistic billiards games you'll find for Windows and practice your real-life skills.

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