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In the Star Wars universe there's also room for real-time strategy. The proof is Star Wars: Commander a game in which you can take part in battles on the remote planets that appear in the movie saga and in which you can choose between the Rebels and the Imperial forces. The action of Star Wars moves on to the real-time strategy scope. In Star Wars: Commander you'll lead the side of your choice and as you win battles you'll rise in the ranks. Your aim is to become the absolute commander of your armies for which purpose you'll have to recruit soldiers that fight for your cause whether to free the galaxy or to submit the latter to the Dark Side of the Force. Features Choose between the Empire and the Rebels. Build your base and fortify it against enemy attacks. Take part in fierce battles. Form alliances with other players to fight against your enemies. Complete special missions on other planets. Strengthen your units with several improvement levels for each unit. Choose your side and be victorious in the galactic civil war of Star Wars: Commander.

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