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FPS games have made their space on Windows thanks to titles like Blitz Brigade. In this game with graphics similar to cartoons we'll have to choose on which side to fight and we'll become part of a team to play with other users online who will help you to kick some ass. A fun multiplayer shooter full of action. Features Fight with up to 12 players at the same time. Choose between 5 types of soldiers. Several game modes. 3 different types of vehicles. Over 100 different weapons. Unique ways of killing enemies for each character. 120 missions. Special skills for each soldier. Your mission will depend on the character you choose In Blitz Brigade players will enjoy different ways of playing depending on the character chosen: soldier medic gunner sniper or stealth are the classes available and each one of them will have a different impact on the combat. All the latter throughout 120 different missions that will make this game a perfect pastime for anyone eager for action. Download Blitz Brigade and have fun with this first-person action game that won't leave you cold.

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