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Car Wash Calendar is a business management application focused on car wash companies. You will be able to program your workers timetable and the distribution of the daily tasks to be as efficient as possible with the service that you offer your customers and what is more important in your productivity. Features Manage a car wash business. Plan timetables tasks and holidays. Create a customer registry with their personal data. Control payment information. Create work reminders. View how much the work is costing and quickly make decisions. Export the data in different formats: XLS PDF TXT HTML or XML. Create automatic backups in case your computer is infected by a virus. A sparkling car Nothing better that Car Wash Calendar to keep an activity registry of your car wash business. A simple and efficient tool that can be configured to work over small networks. The interface uses a Ribbon style that is is similar to Microsoft Office thus you won't lose any time and you will be able to focus on your daily work due to how familiar it will be. Car Wash Calendar will be there to help you to register all the data that will affect your activity.

Car Wash Calendar For Windows Download

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