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The Shoot'em up genre was one of the most of the most extended during the decade of the 80's and the 90's. And despite being a genre that many people wouldn't risk there money on any longer it is still providing great titles nowadays like Chicken Invaders. Kill those chickens In Chicken Invaders the player has to take on the role of a pilot that has to defeat the hordes of space chickens that are trying to invade Earth. Using the mouse to move the ship he will have to eliminate all the chickens and little chicks that appear on the screen. When some of the chicken are eliminated they will reward the pilot with chicken breasts that he will have to gather to get better weaponry in the long run. The graphics used in Chicken Invaders aren't anything great but they contribute greatly to the game's entertainment. That added to the addiction level of this type of game give as a result a product that any player should try. Furthermore Chicken Invaders includes the possibility that two players play at the same time or even the possibility to play games over the Internet something that isn't so common in Shoot'em up games. Download Chicken Invaders to start knocking down the enemy chickens.

Chicken Invaders For Windows Download

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