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Astrology is a group of beliefs with which it's said that it's possible to know somebody's future and to do so they mainly use the movement of the heavenly bodies and the position of the constellations. Zodiac is a tool with which it's possible to generate natal charts thanks to which if you have the necessary knowledge you will be able to know what awaits the person in the future. The program has a series of examples and videos that will help you to be able to make out how the different positions have to be interpreted. You will find the interface rather complex if you have never worked with this kind of tool before mainly due to the fact that the menus and the functions are chaotically distributed around the main window which may confuse you. Once you've finished creating the natal chart you will be able to send it by email or print it as well as start interpreting it thanks to the astrology encyclopedia included in the application. Discover how entertaining it can be to know what your life will be like in the future thanks to Zodiac.

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