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Operation7 is an FPS (first person shooter) the recreates a large amount of maps with great realism in which you will face relentless enemies that won't doubt about shooting. One of the most addictive and realistic online FPS. The scenarios are recreated with all kinds of details as well as the surrounding sound. Keep an eye on your surroundings and listen carefully to detect your enemies. Control your breathing to avoid giving away your position. In Operation 7 you will have a large freedom of moment you can even lean to the side to shoot while you cover behind the objects. Choose your weapon correctly. Operation7 tricks One of the most important parts of any game are its tricks. Behind Operation7 you will find a large user community. If you need them you will be able to find Operation7 tricks that will help you to improve. What's more in the official website you will find interesting guides so that you don't miss a single detail about Operation7. Why should I play Operation7? If you like games like Counter Strike we're sure that you'll also have a good time with Operation7: Addictive FPS that will make you feel all the tension of the battlefield. Large amount of scenarios to explore each one of them with its own tactical and weapon recommendations: the electricity plant the abandoned factory the train station the industrial village down the stream Yong-San station Shibuya Alcatraz etc. Possibility to customize the six parts of your weapon. Five different game modes: deathmatch hunt survival maintain the line and detonation. And the best thing: it's free! Download Operation7 free to your PC aim with precision and shoot to eliminate your rivals. You will be able to gain experience and money to improve your character.

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