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The PDF (Portable Document Format) format is one of the most used nowadays to send documents over the Internet because its contents can't be modified unless the user has the appropriate software and password. In general this is good for everyone but now and again we may require to modify the contents of a PDF file in these cases we can use Solid Converter PDF. Main features Send the contents of a PDF document to a Word document maintaining the original text's distribution. Send the tables that are contained in a document to Excel. Scan a handwritten document directly in Word. Correct a text straight on a PDF document. Move rotate or delete the objects that can be found in a PDF file. Apply watermarks. Combine several documents into a single one. Extract pages from a document into one or several new documents. Protect a PDF document with a password. So if you need a program that will allow you to modify a PDF document or transform it into a Word document that's much easier to handle download and try out Solid Converter PDF.

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