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Oracle is one of the largest databases on the market a must for companies that need to store organize and always have all their information accessible. Download Oracle and start enjoying the best software for managing relational databases. Free to develop deploy and distribute. Oracle Database is a relational database management platform that competes directly with Microsoft SQL Server. For many users the Oracle software is easier to use and much more intuitive. Typical Oracle Database users Developers working on PHP Java .NET XML and open source applications. Database administrators. Independent software and hardware vendors interested in having a simple database that can be freely distributed. Schools and students. The perfect database for your tests This download includes all the tools necessary to create and manage databases. Among these specific tools known as Database Management Systems (DBMS) relational databases are the most popular. Make the most of this Oracle Database Express Edition right away a free database that's perfect for students and potential open source programmers who want to be initiated in the creation development and implementation of applications required to create and manage databases. Download Oracle for free!

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