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Even though it may seem strange to many users when a file is deleted the file isn't actually completely deleted from the hard drive this means it can still be recovered. This happens because the space that was occupied by the file passes from being “occupied” to “available” that isn't the same as “free”. So if we want the files to be completely inaccessible we will need an application like Eraser. Delete files permanently Eraser's task is very simple once it has been launched it will randomly overwrite the files that we want to permanently delete repeatedly thus if someone tries to recover these files it will be completely impossible to do so. Eraser integrates completely in the recycle bin in such a way that when we empty it it will take care that none of the deleted files are scarcely available. Eraser's interface is very simple and it will allow the user to program automatic deletion tasks to increase our data's security what's more it also integrates into the contextual menu allowing to easily eliminate any file.

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