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webcamXP is a tool to monitor record and capture images from your webcam. This application has a great amount of options that will allow you to use your webcam with many possibilities. Among other things you will be able to carry out recordings with your webcam inserting texts or images in the folders or program the application to record everything during a certain amount of hours. After the installation you'll be able to choose the video source that you want to connect to webcamXP. You can choose one or various webcams a video that you have on your computer or a video camera for example. With the Pro version of the application you will even be able to set up a security system with various video sources. webcamXP has another function that allows you to record frames from the webcam that will be stored in the program's gallery. It also allows you to program the application to record still images or videos during a certain amount of time or for the recording to run periodically. As well as all this you'll be able to chat with other users or upload the images that you have recorded to a website. Make the most of your webcam with webcamXP.

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