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WavePad is an intuitive audio editor that hides quite a lot of professional tools behind a simple interface these tools cover aspects that range from sound recording to the synthesis of an artificial voice. Main features Possibility to load audio tracks from a CD. Capability to convert the sample rate of each file to a pre-established or personalized value (that can vary between 6 000 and 96 000 Hz) and transform from mono to stereo or vice-versa. Tools to edit (crop insert silences or files silence ... ) and mix audio. Add effects: amplify echo normalize high-pass filter equalizer ... Inclusion of a dynamic range compressor and a voice synthesizer. Change of tone and speed. Tools to analyze frequencies (FFT) and generate tones. Customized configuration of keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks. Support for the following audio formats: WAV MP3 GSM VOX DSS RAW AIF RM AU and WMA. If you're looking for a powerful and at the same time simple tool download WavePad.

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