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Virtualizing CD/DVD units is probably an idea that most consumable manufacturers haven't liked. Thanks to applications like Virtual CloneDrive it is no longer necessary to burn a CD or DVD to load and try an image that we have downloaded from the Internet. Virtualize a hard drive on your PC Virtual CloneDriver is an application that strives to be a very easy-to-use CD/DVD drive virtualizer. With only a couple of clicks we'll be able to have 15 virtual drives where we will be able to load any ISO BIN or CCD image that the computer will recognize as a disc. The computer will read a lot quicker from a virtualized drive than from a real drive so in many cases (especially games) it is actually better to have a disk image and to load it from a virtual drive. Without a doubt the possibility to virtualize a CD and DVD drive that can read ISO BIN or CCD files as if they where original discs can save us a lot of time and money because it is very common to download ISO images from the Internet and even if we are later going to burn them onto a disc we will first want to make sure that they work and that the content is exactly what we had intended to download.

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