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Nowadays if you want to learn to do something you've got so many options available that they become overwhelming. From the academy on the corner to tutorials on YouTube including mobile apps and free programs for your PC. If you want to learn English listening to native speakers with accents from all over the world read the following lines carefully as we're going to introduce you to Elllo English learning. Real-life people talking about interesting topics with real accents from all over the world. To study a language experts always recommend us to listen to the language in question for a natural and progressive learning process. We've all had to go through English lessons listening to the same old tape read out loud by actors that didn't even believe what they were saying. Elllo English learning offers you the chance to listen to real conversations held by native speakers with different accents from all over the world talking about topics that will probably interest you and inspire you from the very first moment. There are over a thousand to choose from sorted by levels: beginner intermediate and advanced. Topics such as the economy sports culture family medicine... you can find all sorts of conversations and each one of them can be read or listened to as well as translated into the language of your choice just in case you get lost. Practice your reading comprehension by reading the transcription whilst you listen to people speak with different English accents. Grammar adapted to your needs Furthermore thanks to Elllo English learning you can learn English grammar at your own pace with a curriculum split into: Interviews. Phrasal verbs. Collection of expressions. Grammar topics. All the latter in alphabetical order to make it easier to search for whatever you're looking for. You can record your own voice and listen to yourself without feeling embarrassed of showing off your accent in front of anyone else. And although the program runs online you can access content that you've already downloaded without requiring an Internet connection. However it does require you to have Windows 10.

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