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So one day you go and contract an Internet connection of 300 megas based on fiber optics. But do you really think you're getting all that speed? Obviously not it's almost impossible to reach such a round figure. But before you start blaming entropy or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) take a look at this application for Windows 10. It uses Ookla Speedtest to check your connection very easily and with just one click in less than 30 seconds. Who cares about HTML5 if you can't make the most of your Internet connection and use all its theoretical speed. In this sense the average user has to take a leap of faith when contracting a certain speed because how to know if you're receiving what you're really paying for? Well stop being a loser if you're a Windows 10 user you can find out if you're being scammed thanks to Speedtest. Real-time graphics that show the latency of your connection. How does Speedtest work? It couldn't be any easier. Just open the software wait for it to boot and click on the giant button that says 'GO'. If you allow the app to geolocate you the nearest optimal server will be automatically selected but you can always choose manually any other from the list. With this simple test you'll be able to view loads of interesting and useful things: Your download and upload speed and ping. The fluctuations of your connections thanks to the real-time graphics that depend on the signal received. Save a log with all your searches. Share your results. If you use Windows 8 or earlier before you start crying although you can't use this version of the app you can get hold of a beta on its official web page. Thank god they haven't completely forgotten about the most old-fashioned users.

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