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With PaperScan you'll have more than just a simple scanning application. It is a complete software package that allows you to improve the quality of the scanned documents very quickly and easily. If you usually use a scanner download PaperScan for free and check out how it improves the quality of the documents that you digitize. PaperScan allows you to control any scanner including network scanners via TWAIN and WIA. PaperScan automatically detects the scanner that is connected to the computer and uses all the features it has to offer. Main features Allows you to import PDF images and files to enhance and improve them. Function to eliminate punch holes. Automatically adjusts the document's angle. Elimination of blank pages. Enhance documents by means of effects filters and color adjustments. PaperScan is a program that's at the same time complete and easy to use with which you'll be able to scan documents with great quality and detail. Download PaperScan for free and check out its possibilities.

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