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3D modeling and its inclusion in a video as special effects is a real work of art that requires the use of the best tools to produce a quality result. Good 3D modelers can produce incredible results with the right applications and iClone is one of the best programs that will surely convince both experienced and novice users. Ultra-rapid 3D animation software This software's intention is both to create 3D models and animations as well as accomplishing that the videos are well mounted with the included effects. The software itself prepares and optimizes everything so that the videos and the 3D are totally integrated managing to overlap a video to animation or include any characters designed in 3D inside a video interacting with the characters. Among the specializations that iClone allows us to work with we'll find animations character and face modeling landscapes and scenarios. Each one with its own peculiarities and all the possibilities to create a video or integrating the final result in one.

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