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Buying a new smartphone can be quite exciting especially when we move over from an old sluggish device to a new one that runs all our apps smoothly and efficiently. The only problem is having to transfer all our data from one device to another as it can be quite tedious on many occasions. Samsung has tried to simplify this process if we decide to buy a phone from the Samsung Galaxy range which includes some of the best Android devices available by means of the tool called Samsung Smart Switch. Transfer files to your device and manage all your backups It's a file manager for Android that allows us to quickly and swiftly transfer the data stored on a mobile device to a Galaxy. But that's not all as it also incorporates a backup manager from which we control all our restore points device synchronizations and software updates. All from the same place and by means of a simple interface. Manage your Samsung phone efficiently from your PC. This mobile device manager for Windows that has been developed by the South Korean giant offers us the following features: Quick connection and fast data transfer by means of a USB connection. Carry out simple backups and restore the operating system. Sync data such as contacts and calendars between your computer and your Samsung Galaxy. Easily update the device's software. This program comes along with a version for mobile devices Smart Switch Mobile with fewer functions than the desktop version for Windows as it only allows us to transfer files between two devices.

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