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The future of television revolves around offering on-demand services and there are several platforms that have decided to go for this business model. Hulu is one of them and Hulu Plus one of the applications that provides access from Windows. TV how and whenever you want on your computer. With this app by Hulu users can watch episodes of current seasons of different series and programs as well as the most popular movies. Contents for all audiences both for young children and adults. Features of Hulu+ Access to TV programs classic and modern series and movies. Wide range of contents for children. Possibility to watch on full screen or in a small window. Search for contents from the search bar. Play instantly create playlists or share programs. Pin your favorite programs to the home screen. Its interface makes the application much easier to use as it provides quick access to all the contents as well as simple location. Furthermore it also allows us to control the viewing of programs and movies as well as the possibility to share videos with other people.

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