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PrettyMay is an application that has been specially designed for Skype users the reference program to take part in videoconferences on the Internet. With this program all the users of this utility will have access to a pack of applications with which we can increase the possibilities offered by this software. Record your Skype conversations Once installed PrettyMay can act as an answering machine for calls and messages in case you aren't in front of your computer at that moment notifying us about anything that happens. You can customize your message in the voicemail and even receive alerts in your email. It will also be possible to record calls in MP3 format therefore the size of the recording will be reduced considerably in order to store it easier. You can even liven up your conversations with background music. This series of utilities for Skype provides the program with extra possibilities that won't leave the usual users indifferent. Download PrettyMay and don't miss any calls that you receive via Skype.

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