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Freehand drawing is a technique that is difficult to master but that currently has a great ally. We're talking about Corel Painter a great application aimed at artistic drawing professionals. Fast and powerful software. With Painter you can draw on your PC as if you were doing so on paper but with many more advantages: innovating creative tools possibility to easily undo changes hundreds of painting instruments available instantly thousands of colors... On your computer screen you'll have at your reach all the types of supports and traces that you can find in the art world and only a few clicks away. If you need your own settings go ahead! You can easily create new brushes and traces. Explore new creative possibilities Corel Painter offers an almost endless range of opportunities. These are some of the noteworthy features you'll find: Brushstrokes based on particle systems with Particle Brushes. Optimization of the work environment by means of the customization of the user interface. Creation of more realistic images with Jitter Smoothing that provides your brushes with certain randomness. Accurate representation of the most used artistic materials thanks to RealBristle. Preview effects in real time. Advanced tools to convert photos into drawings. Hardly any programs offer the drawing options included in Corel Painter. Download it right now and check it out for yourself.

Corel Painter For Windows Download

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