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New technologies have made it much easier to learn languages and applications like Duolingo have become very important tools to expand our knowledge about certain languages from our PC. A game to learn new languages This program approaches language learning just like a game in which you play against the clock fighting to level up and in which you earn or lose points depending on your answers to the questions. All the latter based on short lessons that intend to be more efficient. Perfect to learn anywhere at any time. Read listen and write. Check out your score during the lesson. Follow your progress. Control how many lives you've got left because if you lose them all you'll have to start the lesson all over again. What languages can you learn with Duolingo? This app has become very popular on platforms like Android in APK format and iPhone mainly because it allows you to take it with you to study a language wherever you want. The target languages offered depend on the source language chosen. If our native language is English and we want to use it as the vehicular language for our learning process we can choose between dozens of languages including Dutch Spanish French German Italian Norwegian Russian Polish Turkish...

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