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Emulate the greatest painters of all times by transforming any image into a beautiful painting thanks to its tools: oil watercolors brushes or pencils will all be available to reach a final result that will turn you into a painting master with Fresh Paint. The road to success as a painter. This painting program for Windows allows anyone keen on visual arts to feel like a real artist being especially appealing for painters in the making. And all the latter without having to worry about making mistakes on the canvas: with the undo and redo functions you can correct any error. Features Pencils watercolors and different types of brushes. Possibility to print on a canvas. Very realistic finishes. Possibility to convert any image into a painting. Combine and mix paints and colors to your own liking. Dry the paint on the canvas with a fan. Start off in the world of painting without getting anything dirty and begin a promising career as an artist.

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