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Don't be fooled by the name: Mou isn't a PC game about Mourinho but really and truthfully a Pou for Windows. And what's it all about? Well as you can imagine the game consists in bringing up this strange pet that needs all your care in the most appropriate manner. Windows' virtual pet. Just like the classic Tamagotchi Mou is a virtual pet that needs plenty of care. And he won't hesitate to demand it. Cleaning him feeding him or playing with him will be some of the tasks to be completed to make sure he doesn't feel defenseless. Furthermore in Mou you'll find a series of games that as well as entertaining you will help you to earn the coins necessary to satisfy this creature's needs. Things you can do with Mou Feed him clean him and play with him. Play games and earn coins. Customize his aspect. Carry out experiments with potions. Download Mou and be rewarded with all the virtual affection that you can be given by this kind of pet.

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