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The use of the cloud allows us not to worry about storing our files on our devices being able to access them whenever we want by means of an Internet connection. MediaFire the popular direct download service has launched its own version of this concept with MediaFire Desktop. Access your files from wherever you want MediaFire Desktop is an application the purpose of which is to synchronize any folder or files on our computer's desktop with our devices. This means that we can access all our computer's files from any other device with an Internet connection. It offers interesting functions such as collaborative work with other users as well as a notification system that informs you about any update on your desktop. Features Invite other users to work collaboratively on documents and files. Share folders automatically from your desktop. Option to share screenshots with the possibility to add notes. Possibility to login by means of your email or Facebook account. An option to be taken into account for teamwork. MediaFire Desktop is really easy to use. You only have to configure the folders and files to be shared being able to add new ones whenever you want and manage their use from the taskbar which also includes a shortcut to the notifications and control options. Access your files from any device and share them thanks to MediaFire Desktop.

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