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3D printing has opened up object design and manufacturing possibilities that not so long ago were almost unbelievable for computer users. Windows 10 users now have the application 3D Builder for this purpose. 3D printing integrated into Windows 3D Builder offers native support for Windows for 3D printing that enables the system to recognize default 3D file formats and integrate them with applications and hardware. It's an easy-to-use application that allows us to view prepare and print 3D models and that includes by default a series of preset designs ready to be used. Prepare and adjust 3D designs to be printed. Features Simple and intuitive interface. Scaling rotation and adjustment functions for the designs to be printed. Add objects to a simple print-out. Catalog of objects ready to be printed. Compatible with the 3D printer models made by the main manufacturers. Integrate 3D printing into your operating system with the help of 3D Builder for Windows.

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