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A keylogger is a software application specifically designed to record and register a computer's keystrokes without being detected. Revealer Keylogger is a keylogger that will allow you to have your PC's activity under control whether acting as a parental control system for the youngest members of the house or an activity tracking system for your workers for example. A threat covered This type of programs can suppose a blatant violation of intimacy and privacy of the person being tracked thus you have to use it responsibly. You also have to take into account that it acts hidden without leaving any trace that can be detected. That is why many antiviruses detect it as a threat. Features Record all the keystrokes when the software is active and check the data on a TXT document. As well as the keystrokes you'll be able to check the date and time at which they took place and the program used. Configure a keyboard shortcut to make the interface visible. Block the access to the program with a password. Acts in the background discretely. Record keystrokes passwords or instant messaging conversations. A subtle observer From the interface you'll be able to activate and deactivate the recording as well as hiding it. The program doesn't appear on the process list or on the Windows application task manager or in the uninstalling tool. The logs generated can be sent via an FTP server by means of email or using a LAN network. Furthermore you can configure the program to uninstall automatically on a specific date. Download Revealer Keylogger free edition without any viruses and you will know at all times which keys are used and therefore what the computer was used for when you weren't in front of it.

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