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Almost a month after announcing that it was replacing PHP with JavaScript HTML and CSS arrives on Windows as a native application so that you can have all your web contents up to date on the most popular CMS in the world straight from your desktop. The new open source WordPress arrives on the desktop. With for Windows you can manage all your WordPress webs and blogs from the same place update contents and answer comments and read the best daily posts thanks to its refreshed reader. And all the latter without wasting more time than necessary and from a clear and simple interface. Thanks to this application you can use straight on your desktop all the publication tools that you previously used on the web without having to open your browser and avoiding unnecessary distractions: from writing new blog entries to the use of themes and plug-ins to add even more functions. Functions of for Windows Manage multiple websites. New editor and improved stats. Use customized themes and extensions. Generate and update contents easily. Access publications from other blogs by means of its new reader. Support for notifications of comments likes and new followers. For Windows Download

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