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AutoMate is an interesting task automation program. The idea is to allow you to develop and create applications that suit your needs even when you don't know how to program code. With AutoMate you only have to drag and drop the actions on the interface to create an automation. Create manage and lay out tasks without writing a single line of code. Choose the cases and the action to be carried out if any of them were to happen. AutoMate is a flexible and dynamic solution although it requires certain technical knowledge to make the most of it. No code no limits. Features of AutoMate Valid for domestic and business environments. Forget the usual complexity of programming syntax. Create applications visually. Wide range of triggers to launch the actions. Manage software and its behaviour from a management console. Could you think of a better way to automate tasks than creating you yourself the applications to do so? AutoMate provides you with a totally new and unique concept to spare you from the most boring tasks so download AutoMate for Windows.

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