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Grooveshark is a music streaming service that is becoming one of the most popular of the moment. If you are a user of this platform we offer you a very comfortable way to enjoy it: WinGrooves. It is an application that will allow you to listen to your Grooveshark music without having to open the browser and you will be able to use keyboard shortcuts to control the playback of the songs. After you login with your account name and password WinGrooves will show an identical interface to that of Grooveshark and you will have access to all the music on the screen. You will be able to look for songs and artists check the list of the most popular themes of the moment or create your own favorites lists. The feature of WinGrooves that stands out most is the possibility to control the playback of the songs by means of keyboard shortcuts: you will be able to play move on to the next song and even say that you like a song on a social network. What's more you will be able to listen to online radio stations and upload songs to the platform. Download WinGrooves and listen to the best free music from your desktop.

WinGrooves For Windows Download

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