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DNS Jumper is a simple application that doesn't require installation and that easily allows the user to change his/her DNS. The DNS or Domain Name System is a set of servers that take care of translating the name of a domain to its IP address. The latter intervene when a connection is established between two computers like for example when you enter a website. On some occasions that connection can be slow and this can be due to the fact that the DNS is down or has problems. DNS Jumper is a useful tool that will help you to change the DNS server by simply choosing the one that you prefer from a predefined list. Get a quicker connection without great complications One of the most noteworthy aspects of DNS Jumper is the possibility to have up to twenty providers available without having to memorize them. Furthermore it's very easy to use: you'll only have to select the DNS that you want. You'll also have the possibility to add new servers or search for the fastest DNS.

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