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Internet connections are quite simple the computer sends a petition to the server and uses an IP nevertheless if that computer forms part of a domain we don't normally access it by means of the IP it is accessed using the name of the domain (the .com's) and the association between the name and the IP is bestowed by means of a DNS server or Domain Name Server. Now with DNSDataView you will be able to find out some specific information of the DNS of any domain. Find information about DNS servers Each web that you visit is really an IP and to know that IP you will have to ask it to a DNS server usually the web browser or the operating system will perform this task in a clear method for the user but with DNSDataView you will be able to view it with your own eyes. So it won't be complicated to view some data like the IP or the host of any Internet domain. What's more once we know the data it is possible to export it in various formats. The management of Internet by means of DNS data back to 1987 and is one of the key points that makes navigating the net easy and simple because it is a lot easier to remember a domain than twelve digits in groups of three.

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