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From the same developers that have offered us high-quality free computer maintenance applications like CCleaner or Recuva we've now got Speccy. It's is a small and practical utility to compile all the information about our computer's hardware. In a matter of seconds this application analyzes your computer and shows a list with the information regarding all its physical components. What computer components does the app analyze? Thus the application offers both a brief summary as well as a complete description of the following elements: Operating System. CPU. RAM. Motherboard. Graphics. Hard Drives. Optical Drives. Audio. Peripherals. Furthermore it is also possible to monitor in real-time the speed of the system's buses core and hard drives temperature memory frequency etc. Among the features that make it different we will find a feature called 'Save Snapshot' that doesn't store the information about your computer's hardware in text format it stores it in 'speccy' format allowing you to view the information comfortably from the application's interface as long as we have it installed.

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