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Even though many antiviruses and security programs may brand it as dangerous the truth is that Angry IP Scanner is a program that can be really useful. The main idea behind this software is to scan a network its IPs and the ports of the computers that it detects. A practical network monitoring tool. Angry IP Scanner can lead to security problems (that is why the antiviruses trigger) but at the same time it can provide us with really interesting information. Since it allows us to scan IPs as well as IP ranges this software helps us to find all the computers that are part of a network in a matter of seconds. Furthermore once we know the computers we'll be able to investigate which communication ports they have open and available. Angry IP Scanner: the perfect program for network managers All in all this software can be of great help to gather information that would otherwise be relatively complicated to obtain and it will easily allow administrators to control and monitor their network.The interface of Angry IP Scanner is really simple showing all the information clearly and almost instantly allowing us to edit any configuration. Furthermore its scanning is extremely fast thanks to the fact that it works with several threads at the same time instead of just one.

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