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HD Tune is one of those utilities that despite being rather dull can end up being very practical. It is a program that by means of a set of simple steps will allow us to know if our hard drives no matter if they are internal external or extractable are in good shape and work properly. Check out your hard drives Once the program starts this curious diagnostic tool will show the temperature of the unit that we have previously selected. After that we will have to click on “Start” for the application to start carrying out the corresponding tests after which we will be able to see the average transfer speed rate SMART indicators and the possible errors that may have appeared. The interface is very simple in such a way that no user should find any problems when using this tool. The data will be shown by means of a series of windows that we will be able to access by means of tabs. If you are looking for an easy-to-use diagnostic tool for your hard drives try HD Tune as soon as possible.

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