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The PDF format has almost become a document standard thanks to the fact that it can be opened on almost any platform without altering its data. This integrity makes it ideal to transmit information without any risks or danger. One of the most complete PDF editors The thing is that we're not talking about text files like those generated by Microsoft Word therefore we need a PDF editor to be able to modify them as if we were using a text editor. Amongst the best solutions for this purpose we have to point out Nitro Pro. It's a very versatile tool full of functions that allow us to create and edit PDFs valid for documents created from scratch as well as documents that we need to modify. It comes along with a simple user interface with all the functions laid out similarly to other programs such as those that belong to Microsoft's office suite which also considered a standard. Main features of Nitro Pro These are the main functions of the professional version of Nitro: Create and edit PDF documents. Simple editing by simply dragging and dropping text and images. Convert files to other formats with great accuracy. You can transform from PDF to Excel PowerPoint or Word very quickly and without mucking up images contents designs colors or fonts. Upload your work to the cloud and store it safely or share it with other users. Connect directly to OneDrive and access your work much faster. Sign and validate documents much quicker. All in all a great tool that has nothing to envy of others including those developed by Adobe.

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