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Todoist is a task and list manager that you can look up both on its online service as well as using this desktop client that synchronises perfectly with the information stored on the cloud. This software makes the most of HTML5 technology to offer perfect synchronization between the local and online version allowing you to check all your tasks under any circumstances also offline. Your tasks just a click away. Features of Todoist Task and list manager. System to monitor and follow up your productivity. Configure keyboard shortcuts to open or close the interface. Also available in mobile version. Todoist Karma Todoist includes this additional function that allows you to view statistics about your daily productivity. It's a visual task monitoring and follow-up system in which you can view your progress and evolution by means of Karma points. When you complete tasks you will be rewarded with points if you postpone them and become lazy you will lose points. There are several levels reach the highest level fulfilling your tasks in due time and form!

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