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Many action games have become true classics in video game history thanks to the dynamism and the graphics among many other things. Halo was a title that somewhat changed the way in which the majority of players looked at shooters. This title has a set of graphics that were really advanced for the time as well as with really simple playability that was such that it wasn't even necessary to undergo a learning process. Bungie Studios' first masterpiece. Halo Combat Evolved's plot The story places the player in the role of Master Chief which belongs to SPARTAN (elite soldiers) that have to face a strange alien race known as the Covenant that wants to dominate the universe by conquering the humans. The futuristic setting together with the game's speed provides the player with a title that is really dynamic a lot more so than the traditional war games. If you are looking for an action game that will introduce you to a futuristic world that is full of danger download Halo as soon as possible.

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