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With millions of users all over the world and an overwhelming media impact Twitter is one of the social networks we can't neglect if we want to keep up with everything that goes on. That's why a Twitter client like Tweetz Desktop can become the perfect tool to handle it. Twitter won't take up all your time The best thing about Tweetz Desktop is that as well as being able to manage all our interactions on Twitter the latter will be placed in a corner of our desktop taking on a secondary role that won't prevent us from carrying on with our work on our computer. We can use keyboard shortcuts and in turn the way how it displays mentions and direct messages will allow us to view timelines with a quick glance. A light and simple yet very efficient and functional client. What we can find on Tweetz Desktop Minimalistic desktop client for Twitter. Real-time updates. Management of functions frequently used in our user account. Keyboard shortcuts. Quick look at timelines. Possibility to use dark or clear themes that make it easier to read contents. Make the most of Twitter with hardly any effort and without taking up all your time with Tweetz Desktop.

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