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GOM Audio arrives from the creators of GOM Media Player. This lightweight player is designed to help you enjoy your favorite music without complexities. Download GOM Audio for free to discover its options. Lightweight audio player. Why use GOM Audio? The main advantage of using GOM Audio as your main music player is its low resource consumption. But do not be fooled its lightness is no obstruction to functionality. GOM Audio has everything you need in an audio player: Play your music collection: both audio CDs and files stored on the PC. Access Internet radio stations. Customize the interface with skins. Add functionality using plug-ins. Adjust the playback speed as you wish or equalize your music according to your tastes. Manage the application controls with the keyboard. This program supports the following formats: Audio CD MP3 M4A OGG WMA WAV MID FLAC APE and PLS. It's also capable of playing AAC encoded audio provided it is saved with a .m4a extension. GOM Audio is a lightweight and functional audio player download it for free to enjoy your music collection and Internet radio.

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