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Not all social networks are about posting stupid things sending invitations for games publishing selfies and writing nonsense in just 140 or 280 characters. Some of them try to be more productive as is the case of LinkedIn although some people think that it hosts too many gurus. In any case accessing LinkedIn is getting into a social network that holds millions of companies and professionals from all over the world dedicated to different production sections and where they share their professional activities apart from expanding their network of professional contacts with other colleagues. The desktop version of LinkedIn for Windows This app for Windows 10 is quite similar to the web version. It's basically an optimized access from our desktop to our user profile whether you're a worker or business and from where we can manage our user account. In other words from your desktop you'll be able to show the world what you do for a living what your skills are and what you're good at doing at work and what experience you have in the labor world. You can search for a job and take part in selection processes that many companies launch through this social network. Control your professional profile from your PC's desktop. Easily access your user profile from the Start menu. Check all your professional updates in real time receive news and updates from your other contacts. Manage your network of contacts. Send friendship requests. Access its instant messaging service. Receive job offers that you may be interested in on a regular basis. Receive notifications in the Action Center. As you probably know LinkedIn has become one of the most important social networks in the world. It has over 300 million users and for many of them it has become their main asset to find a job not only on the Internet overthrowing other traditional services such as Indeed.

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