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If you sing to yourself while you listen to music but you never get round to learning the lyrics you probably end up making them up. Now there is a way to avoid this it's MiniLyrics. MiniLyrics is an application compatible with the most popular multimedia players that automatically shows you the lyrics of the song that is playing at that moment. Main features Compatibility with a wide range of multimedia players like Winamp Real Player Foobar2000 iTunes KMPlayer MediaMonkey Songbird VLC Media Player BSplayer ... Customizable with many skins that can be downloaded from the application's official site. View the lyrics in karaoke mode. Trial version that doesn't expire so you can use it whenever you want. It's really easy to use. Just open your usual multimedia player and start listening to a song. At that moment a window with the lyrics of the song will open. If the application doesn't find the lyrics in the databases it accesses you can always look for them and input them manually.

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