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AVS Photo Editor is a complete photo and image editor with which you will be able to manipulate your images to your own liking. This free tool can help you with all your image files allowing you to carry out a series of processes that were reserved for professional photographers and photo editors up until now. Enhance and optimize your images You'll be able to carry out any action with your photographs from simple rotation movements to modifications of figures. Even though the range of possibilities is large you don't have to worry because AVS Photo Editor is capable of carrying out complex processes without losing quality. You'll be able to modify the colors using its palette adjust balances brightness contrast or saturation apply all kinds of effects carry out small fixes with the enhancement tools and even eliminate the annoying red eyes from your photos. The software is compatible with several different formats like JPEG BMP TIFF PNG or GIF and offers support for 64 bits. Its very common interface makes it even easier to use so you'll be comfortable working with it as soon as you install it. If your photo file needs an expert hand to increase its quality you should try out AVS Photo Editor.

AVS Photo Editor For Windows Download

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