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When it comes to studying DNA sequences you need to have the appropriate software to be able to look up all the data carefully study each element of the sequence and take note of any anomaly. And to be able to carry out this study nothing better that SnapGene Viewer. Software specialized in molecular biology The interface of SnapGene Viewer is divided into different sections that can be accessed by means of tabs in which you'll find: Map View. Distribution of all the enzymes in a circle graph. Sequence view. All the DNA sequence in the correct order. The enzymes. That allows you to view the enzymes by number or line. Components. A breakdown of all the components of a sequence. And much more... Thanks to this software any molecular biologist will be able to observe all kinds of tests and experiments with different DNA sequences that have been fulfilled with SnapGene. Download SnapGene Viewer for free to have the perfect complement that you require for your biology laboratory.

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