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Web Dumper is a tool developed to download websites together with all the files that they include so as to save them on your hard drive and be able to view them without having to be connected to the Internet. The program doesn't only save a specific page it also allows you to download the full website structure to your hard drive. The application is capable of working with 60 different types of files (audio documents animations text video ...) and includes a filter with which you can select what kind of files you don't want to be stored on your hard drive. How the program works is rather simple because once you input the URL of the download site you will only have to wait for it to download while you view the progress by means of a window that is similar to that of any ordinary download manager. Discover the quickest most simple and efficient way to get hold of your favorite websites and be able to browse through them without any need of an Internet connection thanks to Web Dumper.

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