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On many occasions we will find ourselves in the situation in which we will have two or more files with exactly the same name and we won't be able to tell if they both contain the same information or if one of them is updated in comparison with the other. That is when WinMerge will really come in handy. WinMerge is a program that will allow us to compare the contents of two text files indicating which lines are different in one file and the other so that we can make sure which of the two files is the valid one but as well as that the application will also allow us to compare the contents of two binary files or the files that can be found in two folders. Thanks to the possibility to compare two folders we will be able to know if they have been duplicated or if on the other hand we have stored the proper information so as to safeguard it. The application will allow us to compare the two folders in two different ways one that will indicate the location of each file (even indicating if it's in both folders) and another that will show a tree view of each folder. So if you want an application that will allow you to spot the differences between two files and that at the same time will allow you to compare two folders download and install WinMerge it's free!

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