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Fake news is now one of the major problems on the Internet nowadays. Taking advantage of several factors and especially the so-called information overload termed by Alvin Toffler in 1970 there are certain media outlets that make the most to deliberately publish false information to manipulate the user's opinion. We've seen it during Donald Trump's campaign or during the Brexit voting in the UK. Trusted News: the Chrome extension that filters information Trusted News for Google Chrome is an extension capable of establishing what kind of information sites offer when we access them through Google Chrome. With a tiny notification it warns us about how the web in question treats the contents so that we can decide what to do and let our intelligence understand if we're reading something that's true or false. A minor aid to help us be more critical with the information we read. It classifies contents as follows: Trustworthy contents without any kind of political affiliation and with transparent fact checking. Non-trustworthy contents that everyone knows are fake news or at least deliberately leaves out information. Satirical contents that don't want to be taken seriously. Biased contents with a political religious or any other kind of affiliation. Malicious contents that distribute malware. Contents based on clickbait to increase the web traffic. Contents generated by users on social networks or news aggregators of the likes of Reddit. This is obviously just a help for the hard work carried out by any Internet user when it comes to deciding on the trustworthiness of any online information. In other words we have to be critical and always doubts even if Trusted News sets out the guidelines. The only drawback of this tool is that it feeds on a database that its own developers take care of filling in therefore certain media outlets still don't appear and it's up to the biased opinion of a group of people that basically decide what's fake news and what's not.

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