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Writing music isn't limited to people with extensive musical knowledge. And that's thanks to applications like Music Maker Jam that after being a hit on Android and iPhone now lands on Windows PCs. A simple tool to create and mix music This program offers us the possibility to create our own songs in a very short period of time by just choosing the right musical rhythm and combining different loops up to a total of 8 different tracks. You can modify the tempo tone and mix sound easily thanks to a very intuitive interface. Music writing at everyone's reach. Four music styles: dubstep plus another three that change monthly. Possibility to expand them with others like hip-hop drum & bass techno house metal rock funk… Possibility to use loops from different music styles in the same project. 8 channels to mix music. Tone and harmony adaptation. Option to easily share creations. We're talking about a really easy-to-use tool to create and mix music nevertheless downloading a tutorial will help you to make the most of all the program's possibilities.

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