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If you are looking for a really complete Karaoke software application this is it. KaraWin by means of its interface will allow you to do everything that is necessary with the files that a Karaoke requires to work. Ranging between simply playing the songs to liven up a party and creating your own lyrics and videos. Enjoy a karaoke on your PC Once installed KaraWin has a somewhat crude interface by means of which we will have access to all the functions. It is possible to open MP3 and MIDI files to generate the lyrics for the Karaoke that can later be included in a completely customizable video. What's more the lyrics can have various color codes. On the other hand it is possible to view the MP3 in such a way that while we are writing the lyrics we will be able to view the sound peaks which is always a great help when it comes to laying out the lyrics. KaraWin is one of the most complete Karaoke applications because by only searching for the files on our hard drive we will be able to do nearly anything from the application without any problem.

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